When the child is made to sleep on the cradle various sensors like noise sensor, DHT sensor, PIR sensor and camera module are implemented to monitor the various actions of the child.

The equipment includes a DC motor, link, and an oscillating bed and sensors. The electric powered motor will actuate the links by shaft. Links actuates the rod attached to the bed at constant speed.

The carriage is attached to the metal rod through springs which will provide a vibratory motion. It will also ensure the cradle motion even when the baby cries or moves using sensors. Motor, link and sensors are attached to the side of the cradle frame.

The speed of the cradle can be controlled as per the user need.

When the motor rotates in clockwise direction it pushes the bassinet to front side & when motor rotates in anticlockwise direction it pushes the bassinet on the either side. And in this way the system will keep working.

Baby Cradle swings automatically when baby cries, for this it has a cry analyzing system which detects the baby cry voice and accordingly the cradle swings till the baby stops crying.

The system has inbuilt alarm that indicates two conditions first when the mattress is wet, which is an important parameter to keep the baby in hygienic condition, second when baby does not stop crying with in a stipulated time, which intimated that baby needs attention.

Sensors Interfacing

Noise Sensor

The noise sensor is used to detect the sound level of the baby’s cry and if the sound level is higher than the threshold value, an amplified signal is sent to the servo motor for automatic swinging of the cradle.

DHT Sensor

DHT sensor is used to measure the temperature and humidity of the cradle. The main aim of using DHT sensor is to get the current temperature of the atmosphere around the baby. For instance, the temperature is above 22 degree it causes a discomfort to the baby that time the parent can pay attention to the baby by swinging the cradle through the mobile application.

Wifi Module

A Wifi module is used to connect the sensors of the cradle system to the Blynk cloud services via Arduino.


Takes the signal from the Wifi module sends the data to the Blynk cloud. The Blynk Cloud sends the data of the sensors to the mobile application.

Camera Module

The parent will be able to speak to the child through the mobile application which is connected to the camera. The parent will be able to see the child live on his/her mobile application.
The above-mentioned product design is economical and user friendly and very useful for working mothers and nurses. They can manage their work efficiently. It reduces the human effort and particularly mother’s stress during their working hours. The overall mechanism is mobile, which allows easy movement from room to room.
The electric powered motor will actuate the links by shaft and the links actuates the bed in a constant speed which is attached to the carriage. The device affords plenty of scope for modifications for further improvements and operational efficiency, which should make it commercially available and attractive.

Pir Sensor

PIR sensor is used to detect the movement of the child inside the cradle. When the child turns to right or left the current status is sent to the mobile application. If the baby is uncomfortable inside the cradle the movement of the baby inside the cradle will be changing continuously

Target Market

The target market includes the following that may use the product for ease, comfort and enhanced baby control measures






Nursing Homes




Child Day Care Centers

Revenue Stream

The revenue stream is based on

  • Proceed from sales of smart cradles

  • Support Services (optional)