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The business plans to offer a unique product, which is the personification of a Smart Baby Cradle or E-Cradle using Internet of Things (IoT), brought about by integrating distinctive features i.e. automatic cradle swing (using cry detection system), interactive toys and communication module (for monitoring purposes), in a single unit. The current era of digitization provides a large-scale availability of data as well as computing capability which can be used to bridge the gap between a child and a mother. The proposed solution involves live monitoring of the child through a mobile application remotely.

The main circuits used for product design are Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor, Noise sensor, Moisture sensor, Servo motor and Temperature sensor. The PIR sensor is used for the movement of the baby and will make the cradle swing back and forth by sending a signal to the servo motor. It implements a Smart Cradle System using cloud services for monitoring the baby inside the cradle and measuring the body temperature, measuring bed wet condition and using PIR sensor to locate the position of the child with respect to the cradle.

The scope of the product is to make a smart, safe and economic cradle for infants making them comfortable. Thus, the product bridges the gap between the busy or working parent and their child. The purpose of this product is to reduce the physical interface of the working parents with greater reliability, efficiency, better adaptability, security and cost effectiveness.

Product Design

The product design of a smart baby cradle will have the following capabilities


To make a baby cradle safe and comfortable for baby with the use of various sensors to detect the movement of the baby body as well as bed-wet condition to keep away baby from unhygienic environment.


Ability to monitor baby movement, bed-wet condition and body temperature.

Move Into the Future

To make cradle innovation that is more flexible and less expensive.

Mechanical Design


Motions suitable for babies


Multiple motions


Portability and fold ability


Making it smart using electronics


Remote Control

Unique Selling Point

The idea’s USP and innovation lies in a novel approach of coming up with automated and smart swinging cradle system as opposed to the manual conventional baby cradles with mobile application and use of cloud technology for live interaction between the parents and their child along with monitoring and control measures related to child’s hygiene, temperature and sleep. The proposed smart cradle system for child monitoring using Internet of Things (IoT) also allows parent or carer to monitor the child through the Mobile application at an affordable cost.

The smart cradle incorporates the use of Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor for monitoring the movement of the child, noise sensor for the detection of the child’s crying activity and automatically swings the cradle to soothe the child. The DHT (Digital Humidity and Temperature) sensor notifies the parent about the body temperature of the child via text message, when the temperature goes above the set threshold. The solution also includes moisture sensor to maintain the hygiene of the child. The system also has inbuilt alarm that indicates two conditions – first when the mattress is wet, which is an important parameter to keep the baby in hygienic condition, and second when baby does not stop crying within a stipulated time, which intimates that baby needs attention. The proposed system uses the cloud service for remotely monitoring the child through the mobile application where the parents may see and interact with their child in another room.

The entire system works to provide convenience by continuously monitoring every activity of the infant and thereby providing real time details and updates to the parents and carers. This system can be marketed among the general audience as it is a unique, reasonable and every person from different backgrounds and culture can afford it.




It will be more useful if you start using this from newborn and the baby will be adapted to it..

I love it though it makes a little noise the engine and it’s heard when you don’t have music on for the baby. Otherwise all right.

Excellent product.Its keeping the baby calm and engaged.The vibration and bouncing is good. As baby play’s the bouncer starts bouncing too, baby loves it.

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